About us

Hi there!! We are Patricia & Michael.

I am an enthusiastic traveller and Architectual designer. I’m originally from Spain but lived in five different countries: Spain, Sweden, Australia, Germany and currently in Singapore. Michael, my husband, works in the Finance industry and got bitten by the travel bug ages ago. Travelling makes us feel alive and meeting new people & cultures inspires our life on a daily basis. As a designer, I take special care of details and try to explore undiscovered ways to express myself and the things that surround me. One Ocean Away focuses on travel, lifestyle and design. Together, we want to inspire and motivate people from all around the globe to travel and discover new places as well as new cultures.

You might be wondering where the name One Ocean Away comes from. For this, I need to start from the beginning:

One Ocean Away


I was in Cologne during carnival visiting some friends. The last night of my trip, I was wearing a combination of  costumes which I named ‘Lady Gaga’. We were in a club and I discovered a cute big guy wearing a pink tutu like mine. How sweet, right? There he was, Michael. We chatted for a while and 3 days after he booked a flight to Barcelona to visit me. That was the beginning of our common journey. We had the most beautiful engagement I could have ever dreamt of in Tuscany. Afterwards, we married in August 2017 at the coast of Spain. Oceans Away is the song we chose for our wedding as it represents our life style and love story. Therefore and since we moved to Singapore (which is one ocean away from home) we decided to make it our name. If you are keen to get to know us better, we invite you to ask us more questions!

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