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    The Residence by the Ocean

    The Residence Bintan is a first class retreat where you can escape the daily routine by staying on paradisiac beaches, relax in the exclusive spa, eat at top restaurants or choose among plenty of activities. When coming from busy and noisy Singapore, it is like being in paradise. The Residence collection has luxury hotels & resorts around the globe that reflect their strong connection to the ocean. The resorts are located at the coast offering their clients a good spot to enjoy beach activities and relaxation. We immediately felt a connection with this The Residence while talking to the managers about the concept.  The arrival When arriving on Bintan by…

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    Top Things To Do in Lombok

    Lombok is the little brother of famous Bali and has therefore still non touristy treasures to discover. In this blog post, we want to present our list of top things to do in Lombok that you should not miss if you travel to this amazing destination. 1. Surf and relax at various bays close to Kuta Lombok The beaches around Kuta have crystal clear water, white sand and mostly cool bamboo beach bars. Whether you are a surfer or a beach lover, this will be the spot for you in Lombok. Surfers will find a variety of beginner and advanced breaks. We did a surf class in order to fresh…

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    Unique design hotel in Chiang Mai – Villa Mahabhirom

    Villa Mahabhirom is a unique project. The villas are over 100 years old teak houses which were bought in different parts of Thailand, renovated and reassembled at its current location in Chiang Mai. They provide a historically authentic experience with modern amenities. As most of them are from different parts of Thailand, each of the villas have their own charm, history and dimensions. The Villas Due to the traditional way of building with the sleeping area and bathroom on the first floor, there is an additional, open relaxation area on ground floor. This part, carefully and individually designed, creates an extended living room area. Beautiful, antique furniture, art items and…

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    10 Instagram Fundamentals for newbies

    Maybe you already heard about how and why I became one of those Instagram newbies out there, but it was definitely not my plan to become a content creator. However, once in the game I learned the below 10 Instagram fundamentals from experience and other influencers. But how did I get to that point? How it all started Well, last year, we were preparing our wedding and my colleague asked me whether I already had a hashtag for the event. A hashtag? What is that? After a couple of days I decided to create an account that I named @patryalejmon to have a hashtag and be able to collect pictures…