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Unique design hotel in Chiang Mai – Villa Mahabhirom

Villa Mahabhirom is a unique project. The villas are over 100 years old teak houses which were bought in different parts of Thailand, renovated and reassembled at its current location in Chiang Mai. They provide a historically authentic experience with modern amenities. As most of them are from different parts of Thailand, each of the villas have their own charm, history and dimensions.

The Villas

Due to the traditional way of building with the sleeping area and bathroom on the first floor, there is an additional, open relaxation area on ground floor. This part, carefully and individually designed, creates an extended living room area. Beautiful, antique furniture, art items and plants provide a perfect decoration to the whole project. This merges the villas with the greenery around and increases the living area. The boundary disappears and therefore creates new ways of relaxing. In case the privacy is not enough for your requirements, you can rent a private part of the hotel area with own villas for up to 6 persons. It is has an own pool and it is possible to close the entrance gate so that other guests do not disturb the privacy.

Inside the villas, the dark, old timber empowers the feeling of cosiness. The wood is perfectly refurbished but without losing its history. The bathrooms are finished with fine bright marble which is in tasteful contrast to the dark wood used in the rest of the villa. Each villa has a different design concept.

Villa Mahabhirom

Art and relaxation

The interior as well as the exterior design of Villa Mahabhirom is very curated with art pieces from Europe and the Mekong area, creating an outdoor museum itself. The designer chose all art carefully and made sure that the hotel is not overcrowded. It is a place of tranquillity and beauty where relaxation reaches new levels.

On top of the exceptional and unique design of Villa Mahabhirom, we want to mention the service. The staff is very friendly and accommodating, giving you the feeling of being home in Thailand. They are very attentive and charming but giving you your own space in order to relax. As there are only 14 villas, the hotel never feels crowded and a certain intimacy always stays. In the gardens or around the teak houses, there are many secret spots where you can find total tranquillity and peace. Examples are the nice library or the tea house.

Villa Mahabhirom

The culinary side

Breakfast is either served at the pool area or in the well-designed dinning area close to it. It is very delicious and there are choices between Western or Eastern food. We recommend the granola yogurt bowl as a healthy and delicious start into the day. The very beautifully designed bar offers delicious, creative and fruity signature cocktails accompanied by original snacks.

Villa Mahabhirom

The pool area

The pool with its black tiles allows the reflection of the buildings and the greenery around. It provides a perfectly designed relaxation area. Furthermore, it is also very photogenic to put you in the right perspective for your family and friends at home. In general, the hotel is very clean and the whole garden area is very well maintained. You will have an unforgettable experience.

The location

In terms of the location, Villa Mahabhirom is nearby the airport and some shops like 7-eleven. Moreover, it is located within 5 min walking distance from Wat Umong temple. To the centre it is an approximately 15 minutes taxi ride. For more tips about Chiang Mai please check out here.

Overall, Villa Mahabhirom is a unique and beautiful top-tier accommodation. Particularly, when you search for a place to totally escape the “normal” working life, you will find total tranquility and relaxation with all amenities needed. You will find more information here.

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