Club Paradise Palawan – The best private island resort in Coron Palawan

Club Paradise Palawan is the ultimate island dream destination in the middle of the sea. We believe it is actually the best private island resort in Coron Palawan. The island is hilly with lush greenery and beautiful white beaches. The whole area is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve with other inhabited dream islands around. If you are looking for a remote place to pace down, potentially with your family, then Club Paradise Palawan is your best choice.

Transportation to the hotel and welcome

Your island adventure starts already when arriving at the airport in Busuanga when you get very nicely picked up by the hotel staff. It takes 20 minutes with a mini bus through villages and the hotel representative explains about the region and the people. You arrive at a pier, get refreshments while your luggage is being loaded. Afterwards, you cruise slowly over the river which leads to the sea. The boat passes a mangrove forest before reaching a small fisher village at the entrance to the sea. On the 25 minutes boat ride, you also see some beautiful islands and sandbanks which made us wish to jump into the water and swim there.

The welcome at the resort is very warm and it was quite unique for us as there were musicians singing a song at the beach. You immediately feel like being home but in a paradise like destination.

The beach sunset villas

We stayed at one of the beach sunset villas where you just exit and you’re at white sanded, fine beach. Club Paradise Palawan has 48 rooms spread out over the island so it will never feel crowded. If you want, you can spend all day at your part of the beach and you will hardly see anyone. There are hammocks and beach chairs everywhere.

The villas have a bedroom, bathroom and a dressing room. The bed is actually the largest I’ve ever seen in a hotel. Three persons are easily able to sleep there without disturbing each other. After settling down, a complimentary foot massage and treatment is provided. This happens on the veranda of the villa with the view to the sea.

The wellness and spa

We also had a massage at the Glow Spa of Club Paradise Palawan which take place in a dimmed room with meditative music. The staff used all-natural ingredients for the treatments so that your skin stays naturally healthy without chemicals. The massage was very relaxing and it was evident that the masseuses are highly professional and on top of all really nice.

Activities on the island

The island has many possibilities for activities. It starts with tours to different islands around Palawan and continues with complimentary kayaking, snorkeling and hiking. Particularly snorkeling is a highlight due to the healthy coral reef just a 5 meters into the sea. You will find a lot of colorful fishes, sting rays, starfishes, turtles, barracudas and small, non-dangerous sharks. Club Paradise Palawan gives out snorkeling gear and the dive coaches have the best tips where to find the best underwater spots. The hotel also offers dive classes and advanced tours as well.

Club Paradise is not only a place for couples but also for families. For the kids, there are a lot of activities as well. The island offers a climbing playground, a kids tree house and a little rain-forest to explore. Furthermore, there is hidden Beach and the viewpoint over island to explore.

Overall, Club Paradise Palawan is the best private island resort in Coron Palawan with everything you need to relax and recover. If this article made you dream away to the island, then book your stay here.


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