Mahayana Tulum – The Caribbean Dream Destination

Whether one is on social media or not, everyone has seen at least one photo from the world-famous Tulum. Unlike other holiday destinations in Yucatan such as Cancun with big, anonymous resorts, the charm of Tulum is enhanced by the mix of chic décor and rustic jungle boutique hotels and restaurants. Tulum is the home of Mahayana which consists of beautifully designed villas right at Tulum’s white beach.

The Area

Tulum is 1h southern of Playa del Carmen and about 2h from Cancun on the way to the Belizean border. Tulum beach is a bit further down the road from the Mayan ruins which is one of the main attractions in the area. The road at Tulum beach is scattered with resort entrances, each with a rustic urban-jungle vibe. It is a renowned place for environmental and health-conscious establishments such as yoga centres, spas, vegan/vegetarian restaurants, but at the same time, it offers bars and clubs to party all night.

Mahayana is on the main road. It is very close to the coolest restaurants and the party area which can all be reached by foot. Furthermore, there are also food trucks (e.g. pizza), smaller food stands (e.g. for smoothie bowls) and taco places close by. The villas are within a small forest of palm trees which lead to the white beach.

The Accommodation at Mahayana

Mahayana means a path to enlightenment that reminds us of the peacefulness and connection.

The Mahayana villas use a refreshing and imaginative combination of locally sourced materials and polished cement surfaces that undulate from floor to ceiling. Colourful tiles add lovely details to the floors add some character to the overall concept. The furniture consists mainly of beautiful wooden surfaces and complete the tasteful and boho beach villa look.

Our villa, Casa Bonita, had a fully equipped kitchen and a beautiful wood table that faces the ocean. We enjoyed all our meals looking over the stunning beach to the breaking waves. In case you would like to enjoy a meal in the comfort of this villa, the hotel offers private chef services. The chef comes to the villa and prepares local food with Mexican, Mayan and Aztec flavours. The villas are equipped with unlimited purified drinking water small tanks in the kitchen.

Besides that, Casa Bonita has 3 bedrooms and three bathrooms as well as a pool in front of the terrace facing the ocean. The bathrooms have everything you might need including organic shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

The Beach at Mahayana

One of the highlights of Mahayana is certainly the white beach. There are enough shade palapas, loungers and day beds for all guests and were always free when we wanted to relax at the beach. The best part of the day were the sunrises and sunsets that we watched from there. Despite coming during rainy season, they were mostly spectacular with colourful skies. After sunset and with a lot of luck, it is possible to find sea turtles laying eggs into their nests on the beach.

On the beach, surrounded by palms, there is the pool of Casa Bonita. The palms provide some shadow, so it is possible to linger there all day in the cooling water with the view of the stunning beach. For a better impression of the pool, please check our reel on Instagram. The ocean is warm and depending on the time of the year, can be calm with a crystal-clear blue.

For the sporty people, Mahayana offers stand up paddles, boogie boards and sea kayaks to explore the area.

Must Do’s around Mahayana

As described above, Tulum is a place where design enthusiastics and health-concious people meet for a reason. Therefore, a must see at Tulum beach is the Ahau hotel entrance. It has been photographed by thousands of tourists and Instragramers, however, it is still an impressive piece of art. Furthermore, the Mayan ruins are the only Mayan city that has been built at the coast. The ancient buildings right above the white beach and next to the turquoise water is just beautiful. For the health-concious people, we highly recommend Matcha Mama which offers the best smoothie bowls that we found in the area.

How to get to Mahayana Tulum

There are different ways how to get to Mahayana. For most people, the journey starts in Cancun. The resort offers a shuttle service one way or return which has a capacity for up to 7 people. Another option is to take a bus from Cancun bus station to Tulum Center. The buses are well maintained, air-conditioned, very frequent and affordable (For tickets and routes, please check From Tulum bus station, you can either take a taxi (price only negotiable) or a Colectivo (shared Mini-Van).


Mahayana is the perfect place for dream holidays with a white sanded beach, blue Caribbean Sea and a dream luxury accommodation that fulfills all your wishes. In case you want to book your stay right-away, you can do so on their website.

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