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    6 Top things to do in Russia in winter

    1. Ice skating at Red Square At the center of Red Square, you will find a lovely Christmas market with an ice rink. From early in the morning on it gets quite full. Ice skating is one of the top things to do in Russia and a quite authentic experience as well. It is an amazing location for the ice rink as it is surrounded by all the historic buildings and the Christmas market itself. This activity is quite cheap, and they have warm installations to get changed and lock your valuables. The price including skates rental is around 700 rubles and it opens daily from November 30th to February 28th…

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    The most glimmering cities of Russia in winter

    The reasons to visit Russia in winter You may think that visiting Russia in winter is a bad idea due to the harsh climate and only few hours of daylight. However, it has so much to offer during its winter time. You are able to explore a very romantic, glimmering and heart-warming country perfectly adapted to the weather conditions. It was our intention to travel in January as we assumed Russia will have a certain charm during this period. And we were proved to be right! By now, you are probably asking yourself, what is so special about winter in one of the coldest countries in the world? Where can we…