Top Things To Do in Lombok

Lombok is the little brother of famous Bali and has therefore still non touristy treasures to discover. In this blog post, we want to present our list of top things to do in Lombok that you should not miss if you travel to this amazing destination.

1. Surf and relax at various bays close to Kuta Lombok

The beaches around Kuta have crystal clear water, white sand and mostly cool bamboo beach bars. Whether you are a surfer or a beach lover, this will be the spot for you in Lombok. Surfers will find a variety of beginner and advanced breaks. We did a surf class in order to fresh up our skills and it was amazing that each one of us basically had an own teacher. The class including transport to Selong Belanak beach cost 400,000 rupees. One of the top things to do in Lombok is to rent a scooter and go along the coast to discover different beaches. Our favourites are the following: Tanjong Aan (white sand, surfing), Selong Belanak (beginner waves, surfer vibes), Mawun (beautiful less crowded beach).

2. Climbing Mount Rinjani

One of the top things do in Lombok around the North-eastern area is to climb the volcano. The track is 36 kilometers long and you need to climb 3000 meters in altitude in order to reach the summit. The track is being done in 1.5 days which means you will have a short night sleep at the base camp before ascending the last part. This is an intense physical challenge as big parts of the hike involve walking fairly steep slopes on volcano sand. Due to the sand, you walk up two steps and slide down one which is very exhausting. Also for the locals, it is one of the top things to do in Lombok. It is almost a must do in their life, so you will find many locals climbing besides you to honor the sacred mountain.

3. Explore magical waterfalls close to Senaru

Just below Mount Rinjani on the north side, there are fairly well accessible waterfalls which can be hiked in 30 minutes to 1 hour. Our favourite is Tiu Kelep which is surrounded by steep walls on three sides as well as thick jungle. Out of 42 meters, a beautiful water fountain shoots down in perfect shape. When you arrive before 9am, you have a big chance to be by yourself at this beauty.

4. Drive along the coast at Senggigi and stop at nice beach or cliff restaurants

Senggigi is on the western coast of Lombok and has many nice beaches and cliff restaurants with beautiful views over the sea. One of the top things to do in Lombok is to go to a nice bar or restaurant in the late afternoon for a beer and enjoy the magical sunset. Alternatively, you can watch the sunset at a small Hindu temple located on cliffs called Pura Batu Bolong. The best accommodations, according to our experience, are on the mountains a few hundred meters away from the beach. There are mostly villas which have beautiful infinity pools with a view over the sea and the surrounding tropical forest.

5. Chill in Kuta to enjoy good food and surfer vibes

Kuta is a small surfer and hippie town in the south of Lombok. It is about a relaxed lifestyle where hippies and surfers alike get stuck and spend days, weeks or even months. The town and the area around is not too touristy yet but has some very nice accommodations and boutique hotels. Furthermore, there are many stylish restaurants and cafes which invite for good food and drinks. We recommend particularly Kenza Cafe which has amazing smoothie bowls and a creative local dishes. It is located in the centre of little Kuta and is definitely one of the top things to do in Lombok. You can find more information and many photos of delicious food on their Instagram account.

6. Spend some days at the Gili Islands

The Gili islands are located north-west of Lombok, a short boat ride from Lombok or a longer one from Bali. They are a beautiful holiday destination that should not miss on your Lombok or Bali itinerary. There are many activities on the Gili islands available, such as snorkeling, diving, horse riding, relaxing at beautiful beaches and partying. If you want more information about it, check our ultimate guide to the Gili Islands.

For more detailed information about Lombok, please read our ultimate guide to traveling in Lombok.

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